Zakito Painting Project

March 18, 2021By flexsiteProjects

Curaçao Tourist Office is working on refreshing Zakitó-Koredor to become an improved recreationalarea for both locals & tourists. Part of that beautification project is to enhance the area with muralart. Local artist Sander van Beusekom a.k.a Blend has been commissioned to make a 135 meterlong design. Together with What’s Your Story an assisting painting crew … Read More

Fleur de Marie – community art project

September 6, 2017By flexsiteProjects

The title of the community art piece made in Fleur de Marie is “Kontekta”. The hands and feet portrayed in the floor art stand for the human connection and the connection through play. When playing together, for example during sports you help each other up when you fall, you give each other a high five and … Read More