DIY project in a BOX!

With our Art Box anyone can get creative!
Let the island of Curaçao inspire you to make your unique art souvenir!

Get your special “Greetings from Curaçao” edition now! It includes wooden art supply box and everything else you need! *Proceeds are for a good cause*


Latest Project

Check out our latest project in Parke Leyba!
We created a sensory floor in the park and painted the wall with participating kids.

We're proud of the result.

Be sure to visit when in Scharloo Abou.

What’s Your Story? aspires to inspire creativity, brings people together through art, while beautifying our islands!

Creativity is an important factor all throughout life!

Even if you don’t plan on becoming an artist! Creative skills will help each individual, in every step of life, to get further ahead.

That is why it is important for the youth to develop those creative skills, but actually it is important for every person of every age to keep inspiring their creativity!

What else can we do:

Drawing Lessons

Graffiti Workshops

Comic Book Workshops

Creative Birthday parties

Creative Company Events

Life Interactive Painting

Art on Demand

Customized Creative Activities

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