Creative Community Projects

What’s Your Story?!
Creative Community Projects

Aspires to inspire creativity
Brings people together through art
While beautifying our islands!

Creativity is an important factor all throughout life! Even if you don’t plan on becoming an artist! Creative skills will help each individual, in every step of life, to get further ahead.

That is why it is important for the youth to develop those creative skills, but actually it is iimportant for every person of every age to keep inspiring their creativity!

What’s Your Story?! helps YOUR COMMUNITY to tell THEIR story with visuals!

Together with street artist Blend the community can bring their ideas alive and turn it into an art piece. Creating & working on this art piece together inspires & develops their creative skills, builds a stronger community feel in the neighborhood, school or organization. And the result will be something everyone can be proud of, one everyone can enjoy for years to come and which will beautify our island at the same time!

We look forward to doing creative community mural art projects in Curaçao and other Caribbean islands in schools, centro di barrios or public spaces. We can make our concept fit with every age group or a mixed age group in a community.

What else can we do:

Drawing Lessons

Graffiti Workshops

Comic Book Workshops

Creative Birthday parties

Creative Company Events

Life Interactive Painting

Art on Demand

Customized Creative Activities

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Blend Creative Imaging
Founder Sander van Beusekom
Yu di Korsou

Passionate about Art direction, Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation, Art & Mural Art. Likes to challenge himself and creative skills by changing up his style and creating something new & different each time.

Most proud of 2 biggest murals:
-”Don’t give a man a fish, teach him how to fish” for Street Art Skalo in Scharloo Abou
-”Ku orguyo i goso” upstairs in Marshe Rondo

Mission in life:
"Making the world more beautiful by sharing my knowledge and art with the next generation"


PickNic Projects
Founder Nicole van Beusekom
Yu di Korsou

Loves communicating through Social Media , Photography and Video. Street Art fanatic that enjoys assisting mural art pieces by Blend. Likes a smooth running through project management.

Most proud of:
-Giving from to What’s Your Story
-Being part of the team behind Street Art Skalo in Scharloo Abou

Mission in life:
"Inspiring the youth to go further than what they know and learn something new"